About Me

Hi, I’m Kylie.
I’m a full time wanderer, part time photographer.

Unfortunately that doesn’t pay the bills, so I’m also a Flight Attendant.  Which has preoccupied most of my time lately.    🙂

I have a travel bug. I can’t seem to stay in one place for long.

I want to see the world… And capture amazing pictures along the way.

I was born and raised in Utah.  Yes, I’m Mormon, but I stopped practicing at the age of 17.  I assumed the rest of America was exactly like Utah, but once I realised how wrong I was, I was very eager to see for myself!

I moved to Oregon when I was 18 for Culinary School.  I lived in Portland for a year and then jumped on a plane to Alaska for my externship.  I ended up staying there for 2.5 years. Eventually the long winters and rare sunlight sent me chasing the warmth and Vitamin D in Maui, Hawaii for 2 years. This is where I met my (ex) partner. We basically gave up EVERYTHING and moved to New Zealand after 7 months of dating.  We spent an amazing jam-packed year in New Zealand. I was completely in love with it there, but my travel itch struck again. We ended up jumping ship to Australia.  Thanks to Patrick’s hard work, we are now Permanent Residents of Australia.  As life happens, we ended up breaking up. So I am currently the solo Blissful Nomad… still finding myself along the way.

Come travel with me 🙂

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